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Marketing Assistant

Muncie, IN 47303

Job Summary:

The Marketing Assistant will work with the President & CEO and Leasing Manager in creating, monitoring, and implement all leasing and marketing plans for MiddleTown Property Group and its brands. The Marketing Assistant will uphold the responsibility of all occupancy and branding goals of MiddleTown Property Group and all partnerships. The Marketing Assistant must meet and maintain requirements of Employee Handbook.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Marketing Assistant

-Work with the President on creating a Marketing budget and implementing the marketing budget.

-Work with the President and Leasing Manager on creating and implementing all marketing campaigns.

-Monitor and update all Social Media forums for all MiddleTown Property Group Brands.

-Lead all Marketing and Social Media Campaigns

-Build Partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

-Plan and order all Marketing promotional goods.

-Plan and implement all Leasing and Marketing events.

-Work with the President and Leasing Manager in creating Residential Move-In Campaign, and implement campaign.

-Work with Graphic Artist for Brand Collateral and design.

-Work with Graphic Artist in maintaining and updating all MiddleTown Property Group Brands websites.

-Ensure all Property listings are setup, updated, and accurate for all listing sites utilized by MiddleTown Property Group.

Assist in putting together weekly and monthly leasing and marketing reports for MiddleTown Property Group.

-Assist in leasing of properties, products, and services to prospects.

-Setup up tours and notify current residents of tours.

-Conduct tours with prospective tenants.

-Create and Maintain Leasing documents.

-Follow up with prospects utilizing MiddleTown Property Group Follow up Policy.

-Setup up Lease Signing appointments with prospects.

-Complete Leasing documents with prospects utilizing MiddleTown Property Group Leasing Policies

-Create and implement leasing strategy to achieve MiddleTown Property Group occupancy goals.

-Work with the President, Property Managers, and Leasing Manager to create and implement Leasing Rate Plans. Implement all leasing rate plans.

-Coordinate with the President, Property Manager, and Leasing Manager on all Resident Retention Campaigns. Implement all Resident Retention plans.

-Maintain knowledge about properties and maintain updated leasing information about properties.

-Assist Leasing Agents with completing the MiddleTown Property Group Leasing process.

-Complete Market Survey and stay informed of market conditions

-Work together with the Leasing Manager for maximized Leasing and Marketing efforts.

Job Description: Marketing Assistant

-Support Leasing Manager in monitoring Leasing Agent’s performance to ensure that MiddleTown Property Group Leasing Policy is followed, and that Leasing goals are met.

-Walk Model apartments and ensure that they are in showing standard as outline in MiddleTown Property Group Policies.

-Complies with Fair Housing Laws and Standards.

Typical Physical Demands

-Ability to lift 20lbs.

-Work in an office setting.

-Ability to sit in front of a computer for extended period of time.

-Ability to be on your feet for extended period of time.

-Ability to use hand and arm for writing and/or typing.

The Essential Job Duties is not an all-inclusive list but does cover many of the duties and responsibilities of the position. Additional duties or responsibilities maybe required based due to organization needs, market conditions, organization goals, and owner/client requirements.

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